Email Decryption Setup Instructions

Recently PPG Partners added encryption protection to our emails. Only people who have the appropriate “encryption key” are able to decrypt – or translate – the email text into its original, comprehensible version. Whether you can decrypt emails from PPG Partners depends on your email server. If your email server does not accept encrypted messages, you will see the "Step 1" image below. You will need to click the “Open Message” button or copy and paste the link into your internet browser bar. You will be directed to a webpage where you will then set up a password. You will need to enter your password each time you read an email from PPG Partners. With this in mind, you should make your password something you are able to remember.

Please do not disregard emails that you receive with the image above! If you have any concern whether the email is actually from us, please do not hesitate to contact us before clicking on the link in the email. For step-by-step instructions and screen shots of setting up your login, please see below or download a PDF copy of the Instructions here.

1. Getting an Encrypted Portal Message -- Click "Open Message" or copy and paste the link into your Internet browser address bar.

2. First Time Account Registration Page.

3. Confirmation Email Sent to the User's Email.

4. Confirm Valid Email Address for First Time Registration.

5. Click "Activate" to Approve the Account Registration and Password Change.

6. Click "Continue" On the Confirmation Page.

7. Login with the email address the secure message was sent to and use the password that was just created. In the future, this will be the screen you will go to after the first time registration is completed.